Llanybydder Angling Association club rules and regulations.

President –

Chairman -Mr Emyr Jones

Hon Secretary - Mr Andrew Morgan

Dolau View


SA40 9UB

Tel. 01570 480998

Email – A.Morgan@BTIternet.com

Hon Treasurer –Mr Meurig Davies.



  1. A time of half hour is allowed to any member fishing any pool, in the event of another member waiting to fish the same pool for Salmon.
  1. All tickets to be signed by the secretary. Tickets Register to be kept.
  2. Tickets are not transferable, and are to be produced when asked for by any member of the Association.
  3. Members found guilty of causing wilful damage to crops, fences or other property, or taking Dogs on the Land will automatically forfeit their membership.
  4. Members must use and close all gates where provided.
  5. Any members found fishing with illegal bait will forfeit his Ticket and automatically be barred from further membership.
  6. Any member convinced of an offence of the Fishing Laws or infringing on the Rules of the Association shall be liable to forfeit his membership.
  1. Any persons or persons found fishing in the Association waters without tickets will be prosecuted.
  1. Club Members should at all times ensure that persons fishing on the Association Waters can produce proof of membership: on failure to do so, name and address should be taken and reported to the Secretary.
  2. All disputes shall be settled by the Executive Committee and their decision shall be accepted as final.
  3. The Association reserves the right to alter or cancel any Rules without notice.
  4. Motor Vehicles are prohibited to enter Private Road to Dolau Canol Farm
  5. Aberduar Waters – No Parking of Cars, Blocking Railway Crossing. Access from Llanybydder Bridge via Garden of the Bwthyn – No fishing from garden bank.
  6. All Salmon MUST be returned with minimum injury and delay, C&R compulsory, throughout the season.
  7. All Sea Trout caught before May 1st must be returned with minimum injury and delay.
  8. All Sea Trout greater than 60cm to be released with minimum injury and delay.
  9. All worm fishing is only allowed for Sea Trout and Brown Trout with a single worm using single barbless hook, with a gape less than 8mm.
  10. Fly – 1st April – 17th October. Spin 1st April -17th October, Worm 1st May – 7th October.
  11. All hooks for all fishing methods must be barbless or de-barbed.
  12. On artificial flies with a hook gape greater than 7mm, hooks are restricted to singles or doubles.
  13. On artificial flies with a hook gape less than 7mm or less, hooks are restricted to a maximum of two hooks with a total of four points between them.
  14. No treble or double hooks are permitted on lures used for spinning.
  15. Spinners or spoons can have only one single hook with a gape of 13mm or less.
  16. Plugs can have a maximum of three single hooks each with a gape of 13mm or less.


  1. In low water no Spinning to be allowed for Trout and Sewin after 6pm.
  2. Float Fishing is not permitted on Club Waters.
  3. Bag Limit per permitted 24 hours fishing period, 2 Brown Trout, 2 Sea Trout.
  4. A Club member accepts the above rules as binding on himself.


Members and Visitors use the Association waters entirely at their own risk. No Liability can be accepted by the Llanybydder Angling Association for any damage, Loss or Injury to persons or property whilst on Association waters.


Llanybydder Angling Association Waters.


N.B. – All Club Waters are clearly signed posted.


Beat No.1 Lowtree.

        Right Bank from Nant Rhydfach to Felin-yr-Aber boundary.


Beat No.2 Ffinnant Isaf Waters.

        Right Bank from Nant Rhydfach, 3 field down river.


Beat No. 3 Dolwlff

        Right Bank from Alltyblaca to opposite Llwyncrwn entrenchment.


Beat No. 4 Aberduar Waters

        Left bank Llwyncrwn to River Bridge.


Beat No. 5 Dolau Uchaf Waters.

        Right bank – Ddolpant to lower boundary of Dolau Uchaf.


Beat No. 6 Highmead.

        Right bank – Dolwlff to River Bridge.


Beat No. 7 Black Lion Waters.

        Left bank – River Bridge to Entrenchment below Church Pool.