Angling restrictions reduced.

We have had confirmed notification from Welsh Assembly Government, NRW and Angling Cymru that fishing can be carried out as part of your daily exercise.

There are some COVID 19 restrictions in place, please follow these as per NRW website (link below).


These are summarised below (snippet of NRW) website.

We emphasise the fact , that fishing is only permitted if you can walk to the river and not drive as per Government advice, so maybe some beats will be temporarily out of reach for now, there is a discrepancy between NRW website and Angling Cymru website, but for we will follow the NRW advice and guidance, they are the regulatory body.
Please follow the NRW rules and regulations and ensure that you possess a National Rod License and Llanybydder Club permit.

As a club we ask all anglers to obide Social distancing rules , and any gates etc opened and styles crossed , please wear gloves until you reach the river bank, to prevent any infection transmission, and respect all landowners and tenants nearby.
We have a revised way to purchase the Club permit ticket this year. To respect Siop Y Bont staff , and reduce risk of any infection, all tickets will have to be purchased via a new method.
This will be explained in detail on revised Permit page on website to avoid confusion.
Thanks all.
Llanybydder Angling Association.